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Our Partners


The women who come together through MADRE are survivors of war, political repression, genocide, economic and sexual exploitation, and the twin burdens of natural disaster and disastrous policies.

Yet they have refused to give in to despair.

Instead, they have organized with MADRE to build programs that meet urgent needs in their communities and create lasting solutions to the crises they confront.


Colombia: Taller de Vida

Taller de Vida provides critical services for displaced Afro-Colombian and Indigenous women and youth. They work with former child soldiers and youth at risk of being recruited in Colombia's decades-long war, and use art and activism to create a peaceful future.

Kids with streamers - Taller de Vida
Guatemala: MUIXIL

MUIXIL is a Guatemalan grassroots women's group that promotes the political, economic, and cultural rights of Ixil Mayan and other Indigenous women. 

Iraq: Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq

The Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) is a truly pioneering national women’s organization dedicated to rebuilding Iraq on the basis of secular democracy and human rights for all. 

black and white photo of mother and child (c) daniel smith
Kenya: Indigenous Information Network

The Indigenous Information Network (IIN) is a women-led organization that connects Indigenous peoples, sustains their communities and strengthens their demands for human rights.

Nicaragua: Wangki Tangni

Wangki Tangni is a community development organization run by and for Indigenous women on Nicaragua's North Atlantic coast. They work to demand an end to violence and promote women's rights.

Wangki Tangni Partner pic
Palestine: Midwives for Peace

​Midwives for Peace is a grassroots group of Palestinian and Israeli midwives working together to ensure that childbirth is a joyous and safe experience for women despite the conflict that surrounds them. Midwives for Peace saves lives by providing critical pre-natal care and childbirth support.

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