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Diana Duarte

Help women in conflict - Diana Duarte 2014 Connecting for Change Conference

Director of Policy and Strategic Engagement, MADRE

Diana Duarte is the Director of Policy and Strategic Engagement at MADRE, leading the organization's policy and public education work, and designing and implementing initiatives to advance women's human rights worldwide. She directs MADRE's Feminist Policy Jumpstart initiative, partnering with grassroots women worldwide to bring their perspectives and analysis to shape progressive US policymaking.

Since the Jumpstart initiative began in March 2019, its advances include: forging ties between progressive policymakers and women peace activists from Yemen and Colombia, helping to launch a coalition for a global Feminist Green New Deal, convening Indigenous women leaders to define a just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and more. Diana has also co-led MADRE’s work to form the Feminist Peace Initiative to build a movement-driven foreign policy.